Last year post lockdown, with the thought of getting into AI, I took python as a hobby and started learning from online resources, followed by building a couple of projects and finally getting job as a python developer. I would be totally wrong if I call myself as a fortunate one in this case because credit goes to family and friends who helped me in the run and also to some efforts from me.

First project in the job was something which was built by a third party in the span of 6 months by a small group of developers…

This post is totally dedicated to how one can start teaching random slum kids. Their is no requirement of a blackboard, chalk, marker, walls or even a roof. You require:-

  1. Time

By time, it is meant, you require minimum 10 months, daily at least 1 hour. If you plan to do it for less than 6 months, dont execute it(if doing it alone). Setting kids’ future is a long marathon.

2. Passion


3. Plan and execution

What are you going to teach? How are you going to teach? Will they listen to you?

Become their friend, get to know…

Why do I run?

There is a general perception among people that whenever we are stressed out, we should go out for a walk and take fresh air. Does that really work? if yes, how efficient it is? Is it really fresh air or the physical work that does the actual magic?

It is combination of both or more parameters. Any kind of physical activity releases some hormone which relaxes our mind and make it free from any kind of negative thoughts.

Even though I was aware of this sophisticated science involving chemicals and biological factors, I never took it…

“Dr. Kalam died!!!!” Said my friend in a shock.

“Ohh okay!” was my reply while scrolling down Facebook feeds.

That’s all! Nothing more. I cared too little because for me, he was just another president like Ms. Pratibha patil. News of former president’s death was everywhere. From Facebook feeds to youtube recommendations, it looked like we got nothing else to cover.

Source- internet

Among the recommendations was an interview of the president. To kill my curiosity, I clicked and watched it for a couple of minutes and an imaginary time slot allotted for interview soon got filled but my curiosity bucket remain…

We have already seen blocks contain data or transactions. But, is it all? No, lets get inside a block.

A block comprises of two parts:- Block header and Transactions list


Block header contains vital info of block such as hash, merkle root etc. This is what an actual block header looks like

Image source- google

This is what a traditional record book looks like. The page’s image is self explanatory. While it is easy to understand what this bunch of white turned yellow pages does, it is also easy to be tampered with. This is what an “old school” organization’s file look like. Let’s consider this, data on the first page will be numbered from suppose 1–10, then data on the next page will be numbered from 10–20 which forms like a chain of pages where one page is linked with the next one and so on. …

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